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Kalytera Therapeutics Featured in Recent Media Coverage

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Kalytera Therapeutics, Inc., a pharmaceutical company developing a portfolio of non-psychoactive cannabinoid (“CBD”) and synthetic CBD medicines that address the unmet needs of large patient populations, today reported the Company has received growing media coverage in recent weeks.

In an October 8, 2015 article titled, “Medical vs. Recreational Marijuana Investing,” Marijuana Investor News (“MJIN”) states, “Right now, there are several different schools of thought within the industry and investment community on which companies make better if not lower risk investments, as well as which companies in the still-developing market are likely to go public first.”

The article goes on to say, “Seth Yakatan, CEO of Kalytera, explained, ’That will largely be mediated by regulation.’ That said, he is the first to admit that ’there are no absolutes. Ultimately good investments come down to execution. There is no way to predict what will be low risk. Medical investments have an inherent high level of risk given the failure rate of most pharmaceutical and biotech drugs at the U.S. FDA’.”

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In an October 6, 2015 article titled, “Medical vs. Recreational Marijuana Investing,” MJIN states, “In the weeds of decision-making, however, most also concur that investors have to fully educate themselves about the shape of the markets they invest in beyond company specifics or mission.”

In the article, Mr. Yacatan is quoted, “’Certainly there is no questioning the hyper growth to be experienced in the cannabis industry – both medical or recreational,’ said Seth Yakatan the CEO of Kalytera. ’Although the recreational market might show more immediate profits, and providing that you choose the right company the long term upside is much greater in the medical market over the long run.’”

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In a September 16, 2015 article, titled “The CBD Invasion of Europe,” MJIN reports, “Not one but several companies who manufacture and distribute cannabinoid-processed end products are looking to European expansion. The move is being driven by an opening of the British market this summer after the government allowed processed hemp, or cannabidiol, to be sold in England.”

“’Kalytera is developing a portfolio of non-psychoactive cannabinoid and cannabinoid-modulating medicines that address large unmet market needs, with an initial focus on bone healing and osteoporosis and bone healing,’ said Seth Yakatan, the CEO of Kalytera Therapeutics. ’Historically CBD has been difficult to commercialize as its structure is known and no pharmaceutical based therapeutic claims can be made for CBD. Kalytera seeks to overcome these obstacles with our propriety form of a pharmaceutical product.’”

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Kalytera Therapeutics, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company that is developing a portfolio of non-psychoactive cannabinoid and cannabinoid-modulating medicines that address the unmet needs of large patient populations. The Company seeks to commercialize its proprietary, synthetic cannabinoid therapies across a range of disease states, with an initial focus on bone healing and osteoporosis.

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