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Kalytera is developing cannabidiol (“CBD”), and next-generation cannabinoid therapeutics, for the treatment of serious and life threatening human disease.

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GVHD Program

Kalytera is developing a clinical-stage cannabidiol (“CBD”) medicine to prevent and treat graft versus host disease (“GVHD”). GVHD is a multisystem disorder that is a life-threatening complication commonly occurring after bone marrow transplant procedures. GVHD occurs when the transplanted donor cells attack the patient’s organs, including the skin, gastrointestinal tract, liver, lungs, and eyes. GVHD is associated with acute and chronic illness, infections, disability, reduced quality of life, and death. Learn more >>

Program Highlights
  • Two issued U.S. patents covering the use of CBD in the prevention and treatment of GVHD
  • Four orphan drug designations granted in U.S. and Europe for the treatment and prevention of GVHD
  • Four Phase 2a clinical trials complete, one published study demonstrating proof-of-concept

About CBD

CBD is a remarkable compound that has shown activity against a number of pharmacological targets. However, there are limitations associated with natural CBD, including its poor oral bioavailability and short half-life.

Kalytera is developing innovative CBD formulations and prodrugs in an effort to overcome these limitations, and to target specific disease sites within the body. Kalytera intends to file composition of matter and method of use patents covering its novel inventions, with the goal of limiting future competition. Learn more about CBD >>